Aim for
Audio Perfection

Transmit audio faster and better than ever before.
Designed for wireless audio excellence, the Sheersound
codec brings premium quality and super low delay.

Amazingly fast

Professional audio and gaming require super low latency. Sheersound applies sample-by-sample encoding, getting the signal across faster than other codecs on the market. 

Audio Excellence

Sheersound is clever.
Built-in transmission channel awareness ensures the optimum performance
under any conditions, and makes it excellent for wireless applications.
Professional sound engineering requires very low signal delays
to allow time for effects and processing.

Superior sound

By applying psychoacoustic properties from the human hearing to advanced digital signal processing, Sheersound delivers excellent audio perception. Performance parameters are configurable – use it out of the box or choose and tailor your own.

  • DSP platforms:
  • Blackfin ADSP-BF592
  • Dialog DA14195/DA14495 (Tensilica LX4/HiFi-3 DSP based)
  • Others on request


Sheersound is a supreme and unique audio codec developed by RTX.
With “wireless wisdom” in our DNA, RTX develops highly innovative, wireless
solutions for major audio brands, enterprises, gaming- or consumer-oriented OEMs.
Sheersound is the latest addition to the catalogue
of advanced systems and products by RTX.

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